Restaurant Ansvar

At Restaurant Ansvar, our focus on vegetables, legumes and mushrooms, and we believe that good food and a sustainable mindset do not have mean any compromises. Come explore new tastes and alternative combinations of the season’s best ingredients.

Kartoffelret på Restaurant Ansvar

Creative eatery with a focus on high quality and organic ingredients

Enjoy a high-quality meal with a focus on organic ingredients. We collaborate with Danish organic farms and suppliers who prioritize animal welfare in meat production and sustainable fishing methods. Even the menu and the dinnerware you eat are carefully selected. They are all made from recycled materials.
See you at Restaurant Ansvar!

Vegansk forret med broccoli på Restaurant Ansvar


Vegetable is what drive our motivation every day, and we love it.

There for we wish that everyone experience how amazing a plant based meal can be, so there for we have created Vegan Wednesday.

Every Wednesday we offer you a 5 course menu for the price of our normal 3 course